"My mother ran away." the 父 gimjeongmin a word, a large domestic violence to 母 in ‘meongmeok’ ('gold piece') [comprehensive].

[osen : a reporter Kim Soo Hyung] ‘Oh Eun-young gold piece of advice office.’ gimjeongmin in watching is a word to one´s real mother and domestic violence in childhood did will never lie to them.

30 days of televised channel to the arts, a the airwaves is ‘Oh Eun-young gold piece of advice office.’.

Beauty and fashion icon, gimjeongmin that recently the entertainment industry to return to the update, saying it was "It has already been five years after don't do broadcast" ready.Broken heart, such as yoga and meditation healing and restore time.Currently, a leader of yoga meditation said.

I've heard the problem.One´s real mother is "If you have daughters and two uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable." and burdensome that as his guests."a feeling not comfortable in the vip" is gimjeongmin and showed who feels uncomfortable with each other.서운하다는 말을 서로에게 못해 마음의 상처를 받은 모습.The conflict between mother and daughter that looks deep somewhere.

One´s real mother, the shopping for specific conflict gimjeongmin said interference for shopping."I don't interfere and unjust." is gimjeongmin, was mortified.School days mentioned the gimjeongmin, "elementary school, my mom gets home barefoot." "It seems there is a young mother who was humiliated when I was like, I hope phase, that is accumulated and seems to be nose to his mother." and he came up with.

Oh Eun-young is gimjeongmin protect one´s real mother and I asked, "There is one outstanding.", and the nagging seems normal, but her daughter take one´s real mother is that there is a unique characteristics.Very malleable.Asked why accept a scolding her daughter gimjeongminOne´s real mother is "I'm just (daughter) I'm sorry." and "I have nothing to do it.", saying the gimjeongmin he chided himself to blame, saying that it seems to be a hard life.

The production team carefully gimjeongmin of you wish to erase memories in life to one´s real mother asked.One´s real mother said, Jeongmin couldn't live there is no father.Drink comes in for violence, "and" the Jeongmin saw or interpreted it as a young life 10 years, and used writing as ‘I ran just fine because my mother’ on the floor, I did.

Gimjeongmin one´s real mother is "3 days, violence coming to town When you come home drunk a long way to avoid that what happened and scared, violence in the end and ran away." and said, " I left Jeongmin to violence, was taken.I'm sorry I just had ".오은영은 "내가 안전하게 아이를 지킬 수 있을까 아이들은 정말 공포스러울 거라 생각이 들면 두렵고 자존감 떨어졌을 것, 충분히 이해가 된다"며 "혼자 떠나야했던 엄마 마음이 오죽했을까"라며 눈시울을 붉혔다.

Oh Eun-young is cautiously to escape my mother childhood ’ gimjeongmin ’, and asked him why I said."My mom is still not visible, so I can't help themselves is because our mother, who, to be honest, I am the mother is right it's painful to see and I want to stop." is gimjeongmin own can't go to Mom, he said, " Why do you think that I have to send.Would the same choice " but said it clearly that back.

On the other hand, ages are from 0 to 100 years old! channel ‘Oh Eun-young gold piece of advice office.’ to the arts, aOh Eun-young's former mentor people to go out together a variety of concerns national mental care programs to air every Friday at 9:30 p.m. /

[picture] ‘Oh Eun-young gold piece of advice office.’.

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