‘of 25 seumulhana’ the discovery of bangeunjeong

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Bangeunjeong.Ungbin ens
Took a probably given a strong in the small screen with ‘of 25 seumulhana’ actor bangeunjeong.

The last three days (work) the sitcom was a weekend drama in 1998, ‘of 25 seumulhana’ (drama producer Kim Seung-ho, Jung Ji-Hyun gwondoeun and Hwa and Dam pictures Pictures) tvn their wandering and lost dreams of youth in an era in TV drama about growth, the play is bangeunjeong ‘ pensingbu colors high school class president of the sun.Geniculum ’ and praise of the viewers look into colorful performance.

Shown a short but impact the bangeunjeong gave off with the appeal via the ‘of 25 seumulhana’ variety. 태양고등학교 펜싱부 최고참으로 후배들을 무섭게 혼내고 텃세를 부리며 군기반장의 면모를 드러내며 공분을 사는 한편, 괴짜 후배 나희도(김태리 분)와 마주할 때마다 번번이 말려드는 모습을 유쾌하게 그려내며 안방 팬들의 깨알 웃음을 자아내기도 했다. Reality is hidden because there are efforts a hot rolling of the bangeunjeong."while we're at it, reviled to eat properly if you would find justification for themselves to what I was trying to get the intention of his senior colleagues." real friends to play sports, to consult with somebody, that thinking deeply about the legitimacy of the character.In fact, bangeunjeong the juniors training at night they were caught during rough character caused the convincing way to express to the small screen ‘poop older character of the military discipline’, with many outpourings of indignation to abuse ; he took.

Bangeunjeong is "Jung Ji-Hyun director and was able to play comfortably for leading the elder gimtaeri" and "In particular, the elder Kim Hye Eun as he took you for your consideration in on-site or only warm deep in the field was able to feel a sense of belonging" is sincere, thanked.

Bangeunjeong has movies ‘bakwayeong’ and ‘Adults don't know.’, ‘you are too valuable to me’ and ‘I nearly had a living’, dramas ‘Pain’ and ‘of 25 seumulhana’ build step by filmography and their own performance been prepared building the new world.

Recently, tvn this wall in ‘I nearly had a living’ with ‘jeondayeong’ alumnus of (Hyeri --) and cheolcheonji rivals into perfection, and informed his fans the names behind for tens.The best of the wall, his motivation but seemed to be behind the after it got caught while he was taken issue with the crowned as a knotty conflict, causing anger to relationships, and adds life into the story.

Html). Additionally, in duty in the drama ‘Pain’ plus a straight line ‘crane’ playing the role of the temperature hot rolling and prove once again the broad spectrum.A warm friends who are complaining about some comforting advice regardless through conducting a revenge for my friend, pass on splash of cider sparked their engagement and see the charm.

As bangeunjeong any genre, part character such as glutinous rice cake with digestion and a steady acting role entirely probably as a ‘Impact a’ impression that has been dissolved.Scene stealer, to catch the eyes of the viewers at every piece of work and trusted by ‘new cast and belief’ bangeunjeong great hope in its future course is gaining strength.

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