Best fashion [ranked y] jingiju vs woseuteu, HyeJung

Fashion is...Something that comes back!A tweed jacket, Bling bling of emotion in the early 2000s that can't see with half an eye for a while back in the fashion at one point a boomerang will.In the past rather than more futuristic style popular style is more dominant as today's fashion is actually relatively more diverse both look is just in that happy every day.

Best fashion of the week is Mr. jingiju.Set up tweed look to feminine style to the hottest fire, derived from the time.HyeJung, is woseuteu.In the ' 90s, the style jacket that would have seen a lot of embarrassing details but bring her to the woseuteu.

Whose son best jingiju.

Gangnae-ri reporter : that goes with a lovely crisp spring look.Lemon color itself, and elegantly with Mr. jingiju selected nude tone the shoes of the match as a conspicuous bright colors of clothes, wisely.Choose a flare the skirt, crop on The captain's fit to be as much as design goes well, as illustrated.

Kim Seong-Hyun which signal the arrival of spring : a two-piece suit of a light yellouton jingiju his bright smile and well.The shoulder on the line on the angle but not sophisticated, and a smile, smile of round type face away naturally seems more brightly to get on with my life.A flowing dress to the line, graceful and beautiful clothes well.

Meet face to face reporters through a production press conference after a long time reporters or her jingiju, or more of the enjoyment of active and healthy image.She wore pastel yellow two-piece skirt reminiscent of Hanbok is stylish and modern crop jackets and somewhere that the combination of attention-getting.In particular, upbeat on the skirt can prevent it's not flashy fashion is an attractive curve, you know, I gave.

Jeonyongho pd the essence of fashion : strengths.To maximize the charm a bright yellow tones with Mr. jingiju.Slim waistlines, go down at the same time, the voluminous skirt to that line has to be smart.A big smile in the picture see and to help, it is hard to forget the name of the show to start anew.

Whose son good - Sul Hyun.

Gangnae-ri news : Select Color is appropriate.Costume Design in fancy color is white + black as well as temperate parts as a wise combination.Sul Hyun is a big ripple skirt of a line, to lovingly well.But jutting of hair is slightly intrusive.If completed, with a neat time without kicking the part that seems would have been nice.

김성현 기자 : 살인자의 쇼핑목록이라는 다소 으스스한 드라마의 제목과 달리, 화이트 톤의 원피스를 입은 설현 씨는 마치 동화 속 주인공 같은 모습으로 제작발표회에 등장했다.Feel that make up the dress a top, each design element is of good sense.Sul Hyun's edge that poses such as a ballerina also appealing.

Or news : someone is not a fashion, but common as woseuteu unique dress I want to give high marks in that.An attractive design a dress to the shirt dress.Sul Hyun's thinnest point wound itself closed at the waist belt is cute. Jeonyongho pd : anyone can see, however, 'The princess was me.' look.It's what they're capable of doing hard that.Sulk hair so hard to identify the intended There is a thing.Silhouette all fixed up as a simple belt wearing in a row and one of the buckle on white dress and shoes laced with a similar point one more time.Everyone that can't jump, but I have had trouble with the law in order shopping list look the ssdalkka.

Whose son so so - Shin Hyun-bin.

Gangnae-ri news : Shin Hyun-bin's urban image, and the new 'Eerie' for mystery to atmosphere is black, too.Showed in the previous 'You lookalike' curled hair and long straight hair, a chic costumes that are different changes in mood against a sleeveless, impressive design gave a straightforward for warmer weather.

Kim Seong-Hyun news : Back to supernatural thriller 'Eerie', Shin Hyun-bin, been somewhat dark mood of the work with costumes, like.I'm bored and I feel a bit boring dress is much that didn't throw a wet blanket.What do you think if the points for necklaces, earrings or other accessories?Shin Hyun-bin, not save all its charm, I think there's been much better.

Or news : The first impression is stable.But I see, this is best?A question mark.Skirt and sleeveless blouse is one of the other neutral colors, did not.Get along well with the aura of Mr. Shin Hyun-bin to run the Energy of the rich.

Jeonyongho pd : work is profound, appear to project an atmosphere of the best option is that mix while maintaining the small points, maybe a calm tone.The edge of the skirt reminiscent of the carpet is disproving the effort. 신현빈 씨는 할 만큼 했다.

◆ Bad - 소유

강내리 기자: 개인적으로는 예뻐 보인다. 화이트 미니 드레스에 화이트 부츠를 매치해 시원해 보인다. 긴 생머리를 연출해 도시적이면서도 파격적인 스타일로 시선을 사로잡았다. 다만 뒷면의 화이트 리본 포인트를 뗐다면 더 좋지 않았을까 싶다.

Kim Seong-Hyun news : The first mini-album, see the clothes shown the ownership group at the scene of a very confused a little bit.White tone was a bit much and all over the scene with the actual performance starts, but exposure to matching the color is quite difficult.Item creates a white long boots, in particular, heaved a sigh.

A long time ago, a similar fashion : a reason or seen a lot of the same.But at the time then and this is just now...At the same sexy concept more sophisticated seutailling that can.The rustic dress that contradicts the Republic of Korea, representing the diva of ownership, does not pertain to.

Jeonyongho pd : To change clothes of anyone by mistake, a curtain of piting yeoreojechi the experience?

Whose son worst - HyeJung

Gangnae-ri news : color is the skin tone more somber look to ensure that the same.Both sides only twice cut with scissors a detail incisions on the point rather be a body is complicated feeling.There's no match has been dug up in deep lines net necklace a little bored I sense.

Kim Seong-Hyun HyeJung : news, saw the phrase 'experimental outfit' floated into my head.HyeJung, trends ahead of his or the public does not keep up with the trend?

이유나 기자 : 마찬가지로 성숙한 매력으로 사랑 받았던 AOA 전 멤버 혜정 씨. 오랜만에 얼굴을 본 반가움도 잠시, 조선시대 평민들의 옷감을 연상시키는 자켓에, 의미 모를 구멍을 뚫어놓은 허리 디테일이 아쉬움을 자아낸다.

전용호 PD : 원래부터 이렇게 탄생했던 옷일까, 아니면 넉넉한 크기의 블레이저를 어떻게든 활용하기 위해 손 가는 대로 가위질을 한 걸까. 사실 전자여도, 후자여도 상관없다.Which way ; they're not the fit is therefore difficult to understand.

[photo = mbc, tving, Ivar Andreas Aasen and tvn].

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