‘lost 44 kg’ The key to losing weight, Choi Joon Hee?

[Choi Joon Hee Instagram]

[The Herald Business : The Party had a] Instagram connect with fans through Choi Joon Hee, which unveiled the key to her diet.

Choi Joon Hee, 'highly motivated when you start on a diet gone.' from his Instagram fans of the end of the 44 late but kgKilling, but not die.All that's left is only my sexy momttungari. ''

[Choi Joon Hee Instagram]

The question 'When did you feel something missing if on a diet?' is mainly upper body to please eat something every time to meet friends when an uproar.But never eat ".

In addition, " The strength of the exercise and portion is if I could stay strong and healthy body is finished.A body is really just eat less and to move more. we want yeoriyeoriaWhat do you have all the time a little bit of hunger is not " How about keeping the secret, went public key.

WiMax is under exclusive contract with Bloom in February is Choi Joon Hee and her debut at Johns Hopkins University, predicted later in the day " I am sorry that I can not meet the expectations.At that time, I really want to visit her on screen if more chance and preparations are under exclusive contract and a termination.

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